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Responsible for social responsibility in resource recycling and environmental protection, and fully promote and

enhance the development of thermal insulation and energy conservation


Foshan Youlichen Machinery Parts Co., Ltd.


Founded in 2007, Foshan Youlichen Machinery Parts Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of transmission accessories. The factory is located in Foshan, a beautiful ancient city in Guangdong Province. It is adjacent to Foshan, with convenient transportation and beautiful environment.

The company has strong production and processing strength. Over the past ten years, the equipment has been continuously updated, the traditional manual equipment has been eliminated, and a large number of high-precision complete sets of CNC equipment have been introduced, totaling more than 40 units, which has doubled the production efficiency.
The main products are: synchronous pulley, taper sleeve synchronous pulley, gear, small modulus gear, rack, bevel gear, sprocket, worm gear, worm, multi-ribbed pulley, taper sleeve and expansion joints and other transmission parts . Products are widely used in glass machinery, printing machinery, packaging machinery, textile machinery, woodworking machinery, CNC machine tools and other fields.

Since its establishment more than ten years ago, Youlichen Machinery Parts has been stable and reliable. It is a scientific management method that will continuously deepen reform and innovate mechanisms to adapt to the market. In addition, we also rely on the ability to retain competent and qualified high-quality talents, provide employees with a comfortable and stable working environment, continuously improve the technical level of employees and encourage innovation, so that our products are trusted by domestic and foreign machinery enterprises.

The company strictly abides by the credibility of the "integrity-based, customer first" business philosophy, and "optimal quality, best price, the fastest delivery time" to serve the majority of transmission users at home and abroad.


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Serving the manufacturing industry, leading the mechanical equipment parts to a higher level.


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Establish the Youlichen brand and create a century-old enterprise.


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Established Youlichen University, let employees achieve their dreams and enjoy the wealth brought by Youlichen.


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Make decisions based on people, do work realistically and pragmatically, operate with integrity, scientific management, focus on quality, reputation first

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